20th May 2024


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The sea litany, networking and dava dinner

Eve of Saints Constantine & Helen!
Where ➡️ they are protectors and Patron Saints.

Vespers in the Church.
Religious holiday.
A band.
A litany of religious people.
Girls dressed in Asia Minor costumes.

Spring at its best.
The shopping center full of trinkets and goods.
The tower is imposing.
Its square, the gate of Mount Athos.

A nice music.
And then the twinning: between the Municipality of Aristotle and the Municipality of Banja Luka from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“I AM GETTING FAMILIAR WITH MY BALKAN NEIGHBOR” is the name of the program of the Inter-Balkan Cooperation Forum of the Municipality of Aristotle, which connects every Balkan country with Eastern Halkidiki and brings young people into contact with the culture and origins of the Balkans.

Our seafood dinner. Monastery dava full of fresh fish caught in the Athos Gulf.
We drink wines from Mount Athos.
We raise our glasses to the new partnership and wish our new paths be full of success and happy days.