Most of the local hiking trails are also biking ones. Besides, the Municipality of Aristoteles is the first bike friendly Greek destination!

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But, which is the most popular biking trail in the area?

The bike tour around the paths of Alexis Zorbas!


A biking trail in the heart of the Aristotelian Mountain, which is already green and shady, will lead you from the traditional alleys of Paleochori Village to the Park of Aristotle, in Stagira. It is the only thematic area in Halkidiki, dedicated to the preoccupation of Aristotle with nature through his study named «Ta Physika».

You will cycle around a landscape that nature has provided with robust trees, thick shadows and countless kinds of fragrant herbs, aromatic bushes and colorful wild flowers: they are the same natural elements that prompted Alexander the Great to recognize the Asiatic flora!
You will follow the same paths that led Alexis Zorbas to the magical routes of the life-giving mountain. You will imagine him cutting woods, collecting fruits, hiking, hunting, observing, inspiring, feeling truly free – because this mountain frees from passions and trials. You will understand how he structured his character and his authentic Greek mentality. You will virtually «see» him going downhill Stageira, to discover mines working at Madem Lakkos underground tunnels, where he was nurtured as a great miner. You’ll dream «what he dreamed of», realizing why this Greek man created a global identity around the dobryness, the robustness and the authenticity of the Greek temperament.

This biking trail is also a travel in times that makes you wiser. When you reach Aristotle’s Park, you will discover a world of phenomena and physics. This small «universe» seems to be a primitive set of natural uniqueness that made Aristotle to worry, engage, observe and discover. This is what will turn you into a small Aristotelian philosopher.


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