Local production and gastronomy create one of the main tourist forms. Based on this theory and according to the intention of the Municipality of Aristotle, the Cluster Gastronomy was created in 2020 as a cooperation between local producers and hoteliers.
The above mentioned association already attracted dozens of participants. The initiative aims at:
• the targeted promotion of the local products;
• the services / facilities upgrading;
• the contribution to the destination’s promotion through the gastronomic identity (brand);
• the destination’s connection with similar or non-similar areas (networking);
• the creation of an extroverted mood between the members of the cluster.

The cheese

The cheese In a place full of green slopes, flowery valleys, golden plains, and verdant mountains, farming is thriving and offers milk of high quality,

The honey and the mountovina

Honey Clear, golden, delicious, wonderfully fragrant, rich in flavour, minerals, and nutrients, the organic honey prodused in:– Arnea– Mount Athos and– the Aristotelian Mountain is

The yogurt

The yogurt In a destination full of lush slopes, blooming fields, golden plains and verdant mountains stock farming is booming and provides high quality milk,

The mushrooms

The mushrooms The wooded Cholomontas Mount is known for its rich diverse flora and for the abundance of its natural assets. 4.500 trees, plants and

The bread and the pastries

The bread and the pastries Flour and water, milk and eggs, corn and olive oil: these are all the necessary ingredients for every basic kind

The gardens and the estates

The gardens and the estates Locals love cultivating. Verdant gardens and estates on the hills or on the green slopes and around the golden plains,

The mussels and the mussels farms

The mussels and the mussels farms Olympiada and the Aristotelian Mountain are not only «famous» destinations as the birthplace of the Greek philosopher Aristoteles, but