Aristoteles Municipality consist a unique destination.

• On the borders of Mount Athos, the only living religious monument in the world, it is a leading pilgrimaging destination with dozens of special routes inside and outside the Holy Community.

• Following in the steps of Persian king Xerxes, who in antiquity crossed with his fleet through the narrowest piece of Athonian land, to conquer Greece, this route is today a point of reference between the East and the West, as the sole Persian footprint in Europe.

• Birthplace of the greatest Greek philosopher, Aristotle, the land welcomes thousands of travellers and intellectuals in its archaeological site of exquisite natural beauty.

• Motherland of the famous Mademochoria, it has been one of the most economically powerful areas in the Ottoman period,

• A thoroughly alternative natural destination, combining 300 kilometres of coastline with two mountains, it composes an exceptional natural scenery and particular architectural techniques, that shape phenomena and tourist figures hard to find in only one destination!

The people born in and serving this unique spot in the world, have mapped seventeen (17) of the dozens of special and branded routes and proudly present them to you.

We have created for you, fans of walking, an excellent database, where each route is connected to an international historical uniqueness:
– Mount Athos and the Byzantine Empire,
– Philosopher Aristotle – tutor to Alexander the Great,
– The Persian wars of antiquity,
– The Ottoman period Mamedochoria,
– The place in with Alexis Zorbas used to live for many years.

This is the difference between walking routes around the world and those in the region around Athos: each one takes visitors to different historical eras and creates an immediate contact with the historical evidence and archaeological findings, thus turning walking – apart from a mere nature-loving activity – to a historical tour through monuments and sites with museum value and identity!

So enjoy the trip!



the trip!



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