The bread and the pastries

Flour and water, milk and eggs, corn and olive oil: these are all the necessary ingredients for every basic kind of dough. The same ones can abundantly be found in the land of Aristoteles.

The locals mix them up to make pies, breads, bourekia, sweets, buns, brioches, Christmas and ecclesiastical breads, adding: olives, feta cheese, anise, walnuts, sesame seeds, spices, raisins, sugar and so much more! Kneading dominates in the local pastries factories as well as in the green gardens, making it the most beautiful and creative occupation. Making the phyllo pastry, however, is always a real show.

In the traditional bakeries lots of fermented bread varieties can be found. The recipe is based on the grand mammas’ experience and inspiration, who without any knowhow turned the ingenuity into science – but first of all into a delicious and enjoyable creation!

Do no miss:
• Take place in the KOUZINA workshops and learn to knead being taught by the local housekeepers!
• Visit Arnaia during the Christmas Eve and taste the world’s largest Christmas bread, weighing 400 kg!

The bread

and the pastries


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