The meat and the farms

Farming among three green mountain volumes, protected by the European Convention Natura 2000, means that the product that reaches you is really healthy.

Animal farms in Cholomontas and Aristotelian Mountain compose a wonderful natural landscape in a fully green and forested destination.

Cattle, ovine and caprine animals, as well as black pigs consist the main breeding.

These are the reasons why local meat is fresh, filled with all those elements that compose nutrients and deliciousness. The animals feed mainly in the forest – they eat fruits, wild herbs, shrubs and wildebeests. In their meat you can smell the soil.

Locals like using the raw material. Sausage production is the most popular in the region: pork meat, orange, lemon, leek and onion create the smelly filling.

What is the black pig? – the greatest forage miracle

Unless you visit yourself this farm in the green heart of the Aristotelian Mountain (at Varvara) you will never understand exactly what is described in these few lines…

Lush greenery, authentic smell of the damp earth, thick forest, ancient trees, blooming shrubs, unspoilt nature – the scenery of a lost and primitive era! Nature was really generous with the Aristotelian Mountain and so were its people; they remained equally respectful to the passage of time – they did not violate it, did not change it and did not harm it.  On the contrary, they placed in this unspoilt green paradise what God intended for this place: the Black Pig.

What is the Black Pig? This breed of ancient Greek swine, unlike other breeds of domestic pigs, grows in semi-extensive farming and spends much of its life in the wild, on mountain pasture feeding mainly or exclusively on acorns. An acorn-based diet offers more months of life to the animals and when it is time for their “sacrifice” for our table, they are leaner that the conventional breeds. The meat of the Black Pig is clearly more red than that of other known pork and is slightly more fatty, while it is also more juicy. The fat of the Black Pig is a tasty advantage, as it contains up to 50% mono-unsaturated fats, such as alpha-linoleic acid.

The imagery in the farm of Tsoukala is truly magical. Hundreds of small and large animals graze on the green hillside, seeking and feeding frantically on acorns falling from the tall trees, living and smelling every day the breeze of the mountain that is protected by the Natura 2000 European Convention, hence growing healthy, to supply us with meat of excellent quality. Where to find it? Contact the following phone numbers and get your own unique raw material – coming from one of the eight Black Pig farms in Greece.

Once you try it, you will keep asking for this kind of meat!

The meat

and the farms

the greatest forage miracle


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