The Wine & The Vineyards

Have you ever considered that by following a wine trail, you can experience the colourful and diverse life of the locals that has roots going centuries back? Have you ever thought that this trail can lead you amongst other things to the vineyards of Athos and to the secret “wine paths” of the holy state ?

If not, then you should follow the “wine roads of eastern Chalkidiki” and allow yourself to be given a tour of its stone build villages, starting from Arnea where a lot of Greek grape varieties are being grown, like Assyrtiko, Malagousia and Xinomavro.

You will discover that the people living in the Macedonian settlements, hosted in the green slopes of Cholomonda mountain, live their lives today through yesterdays experiences, looking into tomorrow.

They produce honey from the wild flowers and trees of the mountainous slopes, while “combing” the same mountain for wild mushrooms and fragrant herbs that accompany their traditional “tsipouro meze” and the wine get-togethers with friends .

They produce smooth cheeses and yoghurts while kneading “trachana” (a homemade pasta) and baking pies, stuffing sausages with lemon and orange zest and putting out to dry on “bourlees” the local raw beans that thrive on the wet soil of their mountainous fields.

All that while saying “stin ygia sou” (cheers) with Moudovina, a grapa like drink made from beeswax, in which you can taste wax and honey at the same time.

You will find yourself walking through the alleys of Megali Panagia (Great Holy Mary) visiting the “tsipouro kazania” (copper tanks used to distill the local grapa) and the little tavernas where the locals drink their own production of wine and tsipouro.

You will have the opportunity to taste the xinomavro grape variety which is considered the “king of Macedonia” as well as the assyrtiko and taste the famous wines of the “holy mountain” (Agio Oros).

You”ll witness how the powerful tsipouro is produced, made from grapes, mountain fruits and seeds that the earth so gracefully provides them with.

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The Wine & The Vineyards​

Wine roads of eastern Chalkidiki


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