Aristotle, one of the most important and timeless philosophers of global academic thinking, was born in 384 BC in Stagira, Eastern Halkidiki. His work has covered all philosophical concepts and quests: nature, being, ethics, justice / in combination with the critical research of the political development of the Greek city-states. He was the first to formulate the view on the separation of the functions of the favoured State into three categories : legislative, executive and judicial.

After his death, cultural festivals and sports games entitled “THE ΑRISTOTELEIA” were instituted to honour his memory. Events, which focused and fully highlighted the complexity of his personality, dominated the cultural calendar of the Hellenistic city of Stagira, while bequeathing the responsibility of their perpetuation.

In 2024, the Municipality of Aristotle of Halkidiki revives “THE ARISTOTELEIA”, placing the birthplace of Aristotle at the centre of global historical, cultural and tourist interest, while highlighting the cultural connections between the “Aristotelian legend” and the history of the Macedonian kings with the Athonite cultural heritage, but also with the heritage of European countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Russia.

The international symposium “From Aristotle to Mount Athos”, with a pilgrimage and cultural flavour, will welcome domestic and international academics, as well as representatives of the global tourism industry on 15-17 May 2024 in archaeological and religious sites, creating a holistic experience of exploring the worship paths of Eastern Halkidiki.

From Aristotle to Mount Athos

May 15, 2024
18:00  – 21:00 
Mount Athos Resort

May 16, 2024
10:00  – 16:00 
Ancient Stagira
Monastery of Zygos

May 17, 2024
11:00  – 17:00 
Athos on board
Holy Pilgrimage of the Great Virgin Mary