Clear, golden, delicious, wonderfully fragrant, rich in flavour, minerals, and nutrients, the organic honey prodused in:
– Arnea
– Mount Athos and
– the Aristotelian Mountain is one of the most tasteful.

Local beekeepers work on a daily basis between the NATURA 2000 protected areas, collecting what bees create with stubbornness, perseverance and genius organization, so as you can be provided with pure honey, beeswax, pollen, waxes, ορ royal jelly.

Also find the unique tsipouro made by the sermons wax, called “mountovina” with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)- Arnea.

You will taste so many honey varieties: pine, chestnut, susura (erika), flowers honey, orange honey, lavender, forest honey, cotton honey, and so much more…

You can also follow the beekeepers to see the traditional production way. You will wear the special protective suit, participating in the collection procedure, so you can see how a honey crop works or how the bees behave and work! You’d be surprised!



Golden, delicious, wonderfully fragrant


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