The mushrooms

The wooded Cholomontas Mount is known for its rich diverse flora and for the abundance of its natural assets. 4.500 trees, plants and herbs species grow on its slopes, which also bear its famous firs, and mushrooms -that grow everywhere- without human care. They thrive there because this is just how nature ordained.

There is numerous of species. Locals know that collecting them turns to be a safari-like adventure; Wild mushrooms are top quality and they are a very tasty, healthy and nutritious produce, as they are a high biological value protein food rich also in minerals and trace elements. Locals are experts in mushroom harvesting and they organize guided tours into forest for those of you wishing to delve into the mysterious world of mushrooms. Thanks to them, the area attracts tourists/mushroom and truffles pickers from the whole Greece.

Their use in cooking varies. It’s the main ingredient for several wine meze. Fried with feta cheese, grilled with olive oil, combined with beans or meat, with traditional sausages or with hunting, mushrooms are one of the best tasty «friend» of winter, especially if they are served as a mushroom soup or as a mushroom pie.

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Every year around the end of summer / beginning of autumn after the first rain has fallen, the residents organise a big celebration in Taxiarchis area where, after the rich mushroom harvest, they invite us all to offer their famous mushroom dishes, local wine and tsipouro and their warm hospitality, which is part of their lifestyle.

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The mushrooms

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How nature ordained


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