The gardens and the estates

Locals love cultivating. Verdant gardens and estates on the hills or on the green slopes and around the golden plains, give excellent organic products, which are grown by local farmers throughout the Natura-protected areas.

Vegetables and mushrooms, herbs and fruits, lavenders and cereals, olive groves and bostans, vineyards and fir crops: this destination has it all! The care of the locals and their love for the fertile soil results in a special relationship between man and land, which gives birth to local produce, as the offspring of the beloved land and those who cared for it.

A number of events are organized in the local estates. The landscape and the facilities ensure success and will compensate you to the fullest!

Do no miss:

  • To visit the roses’ organic crops in Paleochori and the lavender crops in Xiropotami area. Buy essential and aromatic oils.
  • To take a tour in the estate of the Holy Monastery of Hiliandari – on the way from Stratoni to Ierissos and to learn about the breeding of «grivadi» fish in its beautiful pond.

Locals love cultivating

this destination has it all!


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