historical & alternative Mediterranean destination

Places to Visit

Ammouliani Island
Ierissos – The capital
Megali Panagia

What to do

History & Culture

Cluster Gastronomy

The honey
The cheese
The fish, the sea food & the orkyni fish

Where to stay

The destination offers a great selection of hotels, villas, holiday apartments and studio ranging from luxury resorts to affordable apartment rentals, ready to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

More information can be found here:

Eastern Halkidiki


Where to eat

You will eat in the selected restaurants of the hotels, in the restaurants of the coastal or mountainous zone, in the traditional taverns and accommodations of the mountain, in the fish taverns located close to the endless local coastline!

The local cuisine varies and differs.

And this happens because this land has a lot to offer: the variety of the production, the organic local products, the athonian primary sector, the many wineries, the traditional “tsipourokazana”, the cheese dairies, the plants and herbs of The Aristotelian Mountain, Mount Athos and Holomontaa Mount, the fishing fleet of Ammouliani, Ierissos, Nea Roda, Pyrgadikos and Olympiada…

And so much more…

Our dishes and tastes are inspired by the influences which compose the types of our cuisine:

Ancient Greek Cuisine
Monastic Cuisine
Aegean Sea Cuisine
Minor Asia & Pontus Cuisine
the Cuisine comes from the Mountainous Heritage

Where you can savour all these? Click here: Eastern Halkidiki

How to reach

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