Pyrgadikia Pyrgadikia resemble an island! The village of about 600 residents, stretches amphitheatrically on a slope of a hill and is surrounded by many small,


Neochori Neochori seems to be besieged by the dense vegetation and the deep green color that surrounds it. Large forested lands with chestnuts, beeches and

Nea Roda

Nea Roda Nea Roda is built in front of the sea, on the narrowest strip of land of the Athonian peninsula, which was opened by


Gomati This beautiful village is located 20km from Megali Panagia. Once there, you can access wonderful beaches such as Develiki, Kastri, Pyrgos, Hiliadou and many hidden ones near Arkouda cape such as Petalidi.


Varvara A fairytale village, hidden in the verdant Aristotelian Mountain, embraced by a lush 9 sq. km forest, protected by the European network Natura 2000.


Stratoni Stratoni is a green / blue Macedonian village, built in front of the Aegean Sea, at the foot of the Aristotelian Mountain. It has


Stratoniki The village is built on the slopes of the Aristotelian Mountain, offering view to Akathios Bay and Mount Athos. It has also a long


Stanos Stanos is an exquisite village, 8km from Arnaia, to the south. Its characteristics are its neat appearance, the excellent climate (520m altitude), the wonderful


Stagira The settlement of Stagira is built on the foot of mountain Stratoniko (Strebenikos) at an altitude of 500m., on the main road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupoli,